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Lady. 24. California born and raised, Indiana transplant. I like pizza, naked ladies, wiener dogs, Harry Potter and tons of other shit. I am an old soul with a big heart.


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Since I fixed that ad shit, I’m in a good mood. (the wine also helps.)

So, I’ve decided to post a list of some blogs that I love, and I think that you should all follow if you don’t already.

there are many, many, many, more. but for now, follow these amazing blogs. it’s not often I do this spur of the moment shit.

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  1. californiabrownandblue said: well sheesh.
  2. mynameisdario said: oh this is bullshit.
  3. alilnugget said: ^.^
  4. agiantamongcommonmen said: YAY WINE. what kind?
  5. lolitafromthehood said: bbe <3
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